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Urbane Carpets Collection

Elegant is the new Rebel

As the name suggests, the Urbane collection of luxury carpets and rugs is the epitome of sophistication and refinement best suited for your home. Every piece in this collection of contemporary and modern carpets is a testimony to our unchanging quality and unparalleled dedication.

An art that enables us to bring you the fine luxury carpets to match your vision and taste. The Urbane collection mostly consists of contemporary rugs in geometrical shapes & abstract patterns that render an elegant yet modest touch to space. The modern carpets in the collection are available in muted tones of grey, white, beige, brown and their likes; keeping in mind the minimalistic & neo-classic décor taste of our discerning clientele. The minimal designs of Tibetan rugs and carpets add charm to the floor of the living room and other surroundings, the Urbane collection of carpets and rugs is all you need to add that touch of charm & warmth to your everyday surroundings.

Style: Tibetan hand knotted carpet made in wool, pure silk, bamboo silk & botanical silk that is best suited for your living room

The Urbane collection of contemporary carpet designs can be custom made in any size, colour & material of your choice.

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