Long before the first thread is laid out, before we pick our raw materials, we question it. Does it shrug off dirt and spring back into shape? Is it non-allergenic? Is this the best we can get for you? Are the practices animal-friendly and sustainable?

We use New Zealand wool for its superior quality and the extensive flexibility to accept design, colour and pattern. This fibre has a reputation for durability and hence our carpets sustain for generations to come

The most intricate things in this world have proved that what hands can do nothing else can, from spaceships to fine art. Our carpets have been hand crafted by the most skilled artisans. With their firm hands and steady temperaments, weeks and months are spent, tufting and weaving patterns knot by knot, inch by inch, with no room for the slightest imperfection.

We use handmade production techniques and for certain colours we make sure we hand-dye our yarns. Each step is evaluated for hygiene and safety of our people. Initiatives toward upliftment of the carpet making community and against child labour garner our complete support. We are registered with Rugmark and Care & Fair. We are ISO - 14001 accredited.

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