With design and production wholly inhouse, we custom make carpets in our own special way. Some of our finest carpet weavers bring to life designs that are created, not just for the space, but also for its owner. A carpet born out of a personal expression, a decor idea, or the freedoms and limitations of the space. All of this drives innovation, not only in design, but also in the making of the carpet.

Made to order, as you like it

Whether it's a private residence, a royal palace, or a large hotel project, we produce designer carpets tailored to specific needs. Sizes, shapes, colours, and even, in some instances, materials can be modified to suit the need. The freedom to personalise a carpet, down to the very last detail.

We develop customized carpets based on a design presented to us, or work with one from our large library of original designs - both produced and unreleased. New Hands collections are introduced frequently, and this enables us to provide the latest there is - made to order.

We install carpets anywhere in the world.

The bespoke carpet: whatever you desire

Our experience in bespoke carpets is vast. We've designed and woven carpets for specific events such as weddings, for large spaces such as ballrooms and lobbies, and for personal spaces such as living rooms, private cabins, and yachts. Carpets created on a vague notion or a rounded idea, inviting fluid thought from a blank canvas.

The stimulus may be original, or may be inspired by anything whatsoever, whether it's fashion, nature, art and culture, regional history, the human condition, a brand, or even an emotion. First, our design team takes over, to understand the various aspects that govern the need.

The personality of the space, sensations, colours, physical attributes such as size, and much more. This determines production techniques as well, from the type of weave to the materials and the finishing.

At the end, it leads to just one thing. An exceptional carpet that's truly one of a kind.

So if you have a fleeting idea about a carpet for your space, talk to us.



One special request came to us, for a prestigious waterfront hotel. The brief was unusual. A design that captured the waves left behind by a motorboat speeding across the water, with the colours of oil when sunlight bounced off its surface. The L-shaped carpet was large, spanning over 12 metres on either side.

Our design team explored the theme in various ways, and finally came up with a carpet that presented the idea in a unique way. With 16 colours in 36 combinations, and without a single repeat, the result went on to define the space.


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