Custom Made

A rug that speaks "you", long before the first weave, from design to colours, to just about everything - a Hands custom made carpet carries only one expression and is woven to grace only one space. Yours.

Custom Made Carpets & Rugs

A special editions carpet,
The Dali Rose - a tribute to
Salvador Dali,


Customized Carpets & Rugs


From a doodle to an exquisite
carpet with some of the finest
craftsmen in the industry
today, guided by our in-house
design consultants.

A thought. A sketch.
A photograph. Or maybe even
a swatch of fabric.
Tell us about your inspiration.

Custom Butterfly Design Carpets & Rugs
Custom Buddha Face Carpet & Rugs
Custom Rikshaw Print Custom Carpets & rugs
Cutom Red Rose Design Customized Carpets & Rugs
Color Variations Customized Carpets

The freedom to personalise it, down
to the very last detail, down to the
subtlest colour variation is yours.